Spiral Roll

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Enjoy woodworking with a chisel in the Spiral Roll. Tap the log to make a curled strip as big as possible. Collect gold coins, avoid obstacles and reach the finish line in the fastest time.

The Spiral Roll game's rules

An entertaining, simple game without having to think too much. Your main job is to focus on carving the log into a curled wooden strip and carefully avoid obstacles for the wooden strip and the chisel to quickly reach the finish line.

During the ride, hold your Mouse so that the chisel touches the logs, creating the largest possible strip of wood, you can also see obstacles in the front like not to let the wooden strip be too big or they will throw the wooden strip back, or ahead is a stone ladder, you must pull out the chisel or it will break the chisel.

Switch to another terrain

Let's create huge wooden strips and quickly reach the finish line. When you pass the first 6 levels, you will step to the next terrain. This is a never-ending wood chipping battle in terms of terrain, the further you go, the more points you get. And you monitor the bottom of the screen in the process of going, how many landmarks will be to go to new terrain.

The difficulty will be higher and higher, many obstacles will also increase, you need to be alert and alert to not touch the obstacle. You just need to get the highest score possible.