Strike Force Kitty Last Stand

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Help the cat kingdom win the fox kingdom again in Strike Force Kitty Last Stand. Put on armor and prepare the weapons to be ready for battle.

The plot of Strike Force Kitty Last Stand

The war between the cat and fox kingdom is never over. The fox kingdom attacked the cat kingdom unsuccessfully, not satisfied with its defeat, the fox emperor hired a team of raccoons pretending to be cats, to fight the cat kingdom. Let's see if the cat kingdom can be strong and steady. It all depends on your strategy, the battle between cat fox and cat kingdom, which side will win.

The battle between the cat kingdom and the enemy army!

Whether the battle can be won or not depends on the outfit of the cat warriors. The enemy side is fully prepared and ready to attack your kingdom. The most attractive rewards such as: mass healing, double attack chance, chance to regenerate,... appear during the battle. The damage and life of each cat is the same, the only difference between them is the clothes they are wearing and their weapons. Not all skins are strong and last long, but it is better to be prepared than to wear nothing. Use fish collected from battle when killing an enemy unit. Kill them all and use the fish for things like improving the castle or improving the characteristics of the warriors. Will you help the cat kingdom defeat the fox kingdom?