Subway Surfers New Orleans

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Adventure on the run from the guard and his ferocious dog in Subway Surfers New Orleans! It's one of the newest releases of the popular Subway Surfers series.

Subway Surfers New Orleans Online

Let's come to the latest online version of this game series! Coming to this game, you can experience a new holiday with a behind story. Are you ready to explore?

Continue to travel to a new spot with Jake in Subway Surfers New Orleans! The only difference from the Subway Surfers series game will be the location. You now have to make your way through the streets of New Orleans without being caught by the security guard. The special thing is that the streets here are extremely challenging with their own themes.

Other Information About This Unblocked Game

Does New Orleans Have A Subway

Although the settings, locations, and vehicles are obviously different from other versions you previously visited with the main Lake character, the plot or the goal at hand has not been impacted. There are many subways corresponding to barriers you have to overcome.

Bonuses And Power-ups

You still move forward, overcome obstacles, and pick up various valuable items along the way such as gold coins. Gold coins are the game's default money, which may be used to develop the boy's talents. In addition to improving your character's abilities, gathering coins is also critical to purchase skateboards or new clothing.

Besides, there will be a variety of products on the route, including boots, boosters, and other things. You may soar and jump high with their assistance, widening the space between you and the pursuer.