Super Bomberman 5

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Super Bomberman 5 with famous Super Bomberman series

Hudson Soft released the Super Bomberman 5 video game in 1997. The fifth game in the Super Bomberman series, it was the last Bomberman game offered on the Super Famicom.

Dropping bombs causes other bombs to explode and when they all explode, you win. Be aware that your opponent will try to do the same to you because they also want to win. To avoid getting entangled in your own explosives, make sure to stay away from your own bombs as well as those of your opponent's bombs. As soon as you hit the bomb, the game will end and go back to the beginning.

There are over ten different maps available and the player can choose one of nine characters. Players can customize the character's appearance, including colors and certain points. Power-ups from the single-player game can be equipped using these points.

How to control

To move and drop bombs, use the arrow keys and Z respectively. In each scenario, the player enters a maze filled with obstacles, traps, and possibly even an opponent in addition to their main competitor, the other Bomberman involved, in real life or on the computer. You can select the mode you are playing from the main menu.