Super Mario Rush

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Help Mario rescue Princess Peach once again in Super Mario Rush. Mario unfortunately falls into Bowser's wrath and Mario has to both save the princess and avoid Bowser's wrath.

Classic Mario game plot

Mario lives in peace and harmony in the Mushroom Kingdom and here he is very close to a princess named Peach. However, not far from this peaceful kingdom lived a dragon named Bowser. He dreams of taking power and he thinks kidnapping princes and princesses will be able to help him fulfill that ambition. But Mario, the hero in every match, always comes to the rescue and saves Peach making Bowser's ambitions never come true.

How to play Super Mario Rush

In the process of rescuing Princess Peach, Mario was unfortunately discovered by Bowser and he was very angry and chased after Mario. Your job is to help Mario both escape the obstacles in front and the attack in the back. Mario will run forward and non-stop, your job is to help Mario avoid obstacles like water holes, strange creatures by jumping with double click of the mouse. Double tap twice to jump higher. Don't forget to collect the gold coins. Surely Mario will need it. Help Mario avoid as many obstacles as possible and don't let Bowser catch.