Tank Wars

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Regarding the game Tank Wars

Show off your tank control skills in Tank Wars! Tank versus tank, and only one can exit the arena unscathed. Blow your opponent's tank to pieces. Choose to fight a friend or AI in this tank battle, and then all that's left to do is deal enough blows at your opponent before they can do the same to you!

Tanks that the player controls are positioned on a randomly generated environment. Settings for adjusting the tank's angle, force, and type are located at the top of the screen, along with information about the player, wind direction, and speed. There are 18 distinct weapons in the game, two navigation systems, and three defenses, and at the end of each round, the player who successfully eliminates an opponent can spend the points earned to buy more weapons.


Just use the left and right arrow keys to go forward and backward, and the up and down arrow keys to change the angle of the barrel. The velocity of your shots is controlled by A and Z, and Spacebar to fire.