The Great Snail Race

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The Great Snail Race's first race to the finish line of the snails in The Great Snail Race

Join the snail race in The Great Snail Race. Choose snails and decorate according to your preferences. Prepare yourself to enter the race between snails. As you can see, the snail is a mollusk with a very slow walking speed. Moreover, today's battle is about which snail to finish faster.

Prepare for the classic race

Choose the look of your snails before they go into battle. You can change the color of its case, add beautiful patterns to the case, and equip a different accessory. Choose yourself a coach. There are five coaches with strong and weak indicators clearly shown, you just have to choose the right one to help you finish first. At the beginning of the race, you will see that your opponents will outstrip you but don't worry, the results will be clear and the last minutes are near the finish line. Make a twist and find out who is the top snail.

Increase speed with the help of keys. The race will not only stop with the flat road, there will be obstacles that hinder your race. Be careful and try to do everything for your snail to win this race.


Arrow keys to move

Space to jump