Tiny Rifles

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The struggle between two armies in Tiny Rifles

Get involved in an armed conflict that has arisen between the two nations in the Tiny Rifles. Strategize, place soldiers in position to fight the opponent so that the damage is minimal.

For some reason, they don't get along and agree on a matter that the two sides confront each other. You and your opponent, either side must fight and only one side wins. The opponent's army is ready for battle, just waiting for you to come out to determine who is the winner.

Specifically about the game Tiny Rifles

Your army will have people armed with rifles, snipers and machine gunners, and you can shoot enemies with mortars if you have enough money to invite these soldiers to your team. A panel at the bottom of the screen includes money and four types of guns. Money will automatically be given to you so you can buy the above weapons. And your job is to plan the arrangement of soldiers with which weapons go first, which weapons go after. Take a close look at the enemy you are up against, planning his every move. And always be on guard so that your piece is not overwhelmed by the opponent's piece. Always be prepared for the number of soldiers you will die, and try to keep the damage to a minimum. Can you win this conflict?