Trials Ride 2

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Fundamentals of the game Trials Ride 2

In Trials Ride 2 driving game, you play as a motorcyclist who has to overcome many challenging dangers. When encountering obstacles, balance on the test bike to avoid falling. Increase your score and gain achievements by racing to the finish line in the fastest time.

Hop on your motocross bike and make your way through the game's tracks as fast as you can and get up to 3 stars in each level. You must maintain control of your speed and take advantage of the rear wheel's acceleration to overcome many obstacles, such as ramps and gas tanks between the scaffolding and the ground. Take the right steps and be careful, even the smallest object will hurt you and the game will return to the beginning.

How to controls

  • W or up arrow key to accelerate
  • S or down arrow key to reverse
  • A or left arrow key to lean backward
  • D or right arrow key to lean forward