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Survive in an uninhabited island in Tribals.io!

To live in the multiplayer survival game Tribals.io, you must mine, build, craft in an island. On this uninhabited island, build your own base and expand it.

There are various things to do in the game, such as chasing chickens, dodging bears, building a base into a powerful tribe, crafting a variety of tools and weapons,...See if you can How long to survive by living on an island with nothing but nature. Explore the island, track your thirst and hunger levels. If you are too hungry, you will turn into a hungry ghost. How long can your friends live in peace or in conflict? The game can be played both alone or with others! Can you build your empire into a mighty tribe?

To have the energy to fulfill that dream, you must first eat to gain strength. During your foraging, you can find two different types of objects scattered across the island. These can be bags of unrelated items or things that grow naturally on the island. Explore the map to locate fruits and other items. In addition, you can hunt and skin any animal you come across. To expand and perfect your tribe beyond expectations, craft axes, picks, torches, and other tools besides bows and pistols.

How to control

Movement use WASD

Jump use Space Bar

Main action use Left Mouse Button

Use microphone use Press T

Open inventory use Tab

Use text chat use press Enter

Build menu use Right click