Truck Factory

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Explore trucks in Truck Factory

Explore the features of the trucks in Truck Factory. A game for children to help increase the recognition of car models and their uses in life.

The game promotes the identification and classification of trucks for children. There are many types of cars that children do not know and have never seen in real life. Based on this game to know more about them and increase the cognitive ability of young children. The game helps children know more, increase their ability to remember words from a young age.

Vehicles in the game Truck Factory

There are three types of heavy vehicles for everyday life. You can see them on farms or in the countryside, where urban cities do not have these vehicles. Excavator truck, wood-stealing truck, earth trolley. The first is to assemble the car parts together, then go to fill up the gas and go to do the duty of each heavy vehicle. Just like the names of the cars, what cars do what they do. The excavator is responsible for shoveling the soil, and the log truck is responsible for pulling the big bare trees out of the ground. The earth trolley is responsible for pushing large pieces of soil and rock from one location to another.

Light game, very suitable for children. Help children increase their knowledge of the objects around them. This is very helpful for the intelligence of young children.