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97% of players like Cuphead. Yes, it is true. This rate has always remained stable even though this video game has undergone 5 years of formation and development. Why is this adventure game getting so much love from players? Let's find the answer to this question in the next parts, first with the Cuphead and Mugman!

Cuphead And Mugman

Cuphead and Mugman are the two main characters of this action game. The below information will help you understand more about your character. It's essential before moving to official adventures.

The Easiest Definition Of The Cuphead Game

Cuphead is a shooting action-adventure game with various challenges and new weapons in which intense battles between Cuphead and big bosses are waiting for you. In order to design exciting adventure journeys in this entertaining, developers and designers have to take a lot of effort.

It was designed by Jared Moldenhauer in 2017. After that, Studio MDHR and Studio MDHR Entertainment Inc are responsible for the main development. This shooting game is designed based on Unity technology to be suitable for many different platforms, especially web browsers. You can visit Cuphead on our website to experience this online game at its best.

After 5 years of launch, this video game has won many prestigious awards. The most notable award is the BAFTA Games Award for Music. Besides, you can hope that there are new versions of this action game such as Cuphead Season or Cuphead Show.

The Relationship Between 2 Characters

The two main characters have a brotherly relationship. Cuphead is the younger brother of Mugman. This alliance of two brothers has a behind story.

Two brothers live in a magical land called Inkwell Isle. Ignoring the advice of Elder Kettle - who takes care of the two brothers, they go to Devil's Casino to participate in gambling games. Their curiosity and aggressiveness lead to a terrifying end. Cuphead used his soul to bet on the Devil's casino.

The two brothers could not win this competition. In order to save their lives, they must collect the souls of all the Devil's debtors. Before starting the mission, Cuphead received a magic potion from Elder Kettle and could shoot from his fingers. And, his journey begins here. After these trips, the two brothers can get an achievement corresponding to 2 distinct endings.

Achievement Two Brothers Can Gain

After each battle with bosses, you can proceed to the next challenges. And, the final achievement is to win all bosses and return to Devl's Casino. You can get 2 different endings. It depends on your answer to Devil. To respond to Devil's 'Join my team' offer, would you answer Yes or No?

Ending For The Yes Answer

The adventure play trod will end with Cuphead and Mugman being blackened and becoming the Devil's minions.

Ending For The No Answer

Devil becomes angry and attacks you after this answer. Use your ability after many difficult challenges to destroy Evil. Killing Evil is the end of this Cuphead journey. However, this task will be harder than battles with all bosses.

Cuphead All Bosses

The Cuphead game has all 21 bosses in this adventure game. Each boss is a challenge. Now, let's find out the first challenger, the most outstanding challenge of this action game. From there, you can understand how to fight the next bosses.

The First Boss - Wally Warbles

Your first opponent is a giant bird, called Wally Warbles. It can shoot huge eggs. If you collide with the egg, Cuphead will be injured. Besides, the egg will be broken into pieces after colliding with the edge of the playing field. If you collide with these pieces, you will also lose blood. If your health bar is exhausted, the game is over.

In particular, Wally Warbles has the ability to fire 3 bullets at the same time. Avoid them to protect yourself. Remember to use Cuphead's ability to shoot down your opponents before moving to the next challenge.

Other Enemies Of Cuphead

More challenges are waiting for you. The prominent bosses can be mentioned below.

  • The Root Pack: Giant carrot and potato with the ability to shoot deadly bullets.
  • Forest Follies: You must run while shooting to avoid all the strange creatures in the forest.
  • Ribby and Croaks: Two frog brothers with terrifying boxing abilities.
  • Hilda Berg: The giant bee with its ferocious minions will constantly attack you.
  • King Dice + Casino: You face King Dice with his 9 side quests. Roll the dice and complete all these challenges. King Dice is also your ultimate opponent in the Cuphead journey.

These bosses will have unique features and it is natural when you have to use different control keys.

Controlling Instructions

Your mission is to control your character and fight bosses in each match. These bosses are Devil's debtors. They are formidable opponents because each opponent has their own special abilities. Try your best and gain admirable achievements after eliminating all bosses of Cuphead.


  • Use ARROW KEYS to move.
  • Press the Z key to parry.
  • Press the X key to shoot.

Besides, your character also has other abilities. You can crouch or jump high. You can also interact or disable with pink objects to jump in the air. Besides, remember to collect coins to buy items in the shop. You need to have a solid grasp of Cuphead's controls in order to win against all the Devil's debtors.

Tips For Winning With These Controls

The key control is parrying. You need to learn how to parry to avoid enemy attacks. This is an essential control in this shooting game.

Besides, you should also practice many times to get used to the challenges.